Treasures among Treasures


You can now find our chocolate bars in a wonderful shop called OKO. OKO has made the cross-river journey from NW Thurman to re-open their doors on the East side among other jewel-box shops on 811 E. Burnside. We are so excited to have our chocolate intermingling with all the radiant vintage jewelry shop owner Lisa Mangum brings in from all over the world, including from trips to Eastern Europe. Visit them and treat yourself to a wearable treasure and then snag one of our edible treasures, so you can glow inside and out.

Oko means eye in many Slavic languages so in honor of our new friend today in the kitchen we are listening this jazz version of “Очи чёрные” or “Black Eyes” by Django Reinhardt


February 28th, 2016|

Pat Benatar and Cheese

Our friends over at Candy Babel have always been so supportive of all our chocolate forays, and now that we are in full Valentine’s Day production mode, they made a tiny flip video about our Heartbreakers and the song is cracking us up (pun intended, always)! I say this often in these blog posts, but Portland is full of such a true spirit of community and support and we are darn lucky to be here.

In other exciting news, you can now find our chocolate at Foster and Dobbs. We have long been fans of theirs here at Only Child and it is no secret that we have some serious crushes on the cheeses and wines they carry. You’ll find our bars cuddling along side some of Portland’s finest chocolates and while you’re there get yourself a grilled cheese sandwich  (Hint: The Beecher’s Cheddar with mango chutney and hot mustard is too good to be real, but it is real!)

Enjoy the video and today’s kitchen jam courtesy of Candy Babel and Ms. Benatar here


January 25th, 2016|

Holiday Pop-Up Shop!

Only Child and Chocolate Pop Up ShopWe are so darn lucky to know so many talented people and this holiday season we are sharing a space with jewelers, ceramicists, illustrators and more to bring you a chance to do some last minute holiday shopping for your loved ones ( and yourself! because we love you and you love you!). We are gearing up for a second weekend of fun, so come by and pick something up to brighten these early darkening evenings.

Find more details on the Facebook event page here . Not only will you find our chocolate bars there but also some special edition truffles we made just for this raucous weekend. You’ll find rum and chestnut, rosemary fig; scotch; stilton and port; caramel ganache; rosewater; cinnamon; and more! Feast your eyes on these babies and then come by this weekend and feast your bellies on them!


What are we listening to in the kitchen this time of year? Turning up the heat, even when it is cold and raining.

December 17th, 2015|

Summer Check-In

Boy, is it hot in here or is it just us? Summer has been so much fun, with farmer’s market bounties of delightful strawberries and giant tomatoes; soaking in lakes, ponds, and kiddie pools; BBQs with friends; picking peaches on Sauvie Island; just plain porch sitting. The only thing we haven’t been able to do, is the ONE things we really want to do: make chocolate. It has been too dang hot, and chocolate hates hot, you guys. Portland summer, what gives? Don’t worry though we have finally given into the weather (now that summer is almost over) and armed ourselves with some AC. We’ve been prototyping and taste testing like you wouldn’t believe this whole week, which means chocolate bars are so close to being released into the wild!

Current kitchen jams:

August 27th, 2015|

New Site!

We’ve been working very hard on our new virtual home and now it is all ready for you. Look on our blog for news, interviews with shop owners, and just goofy things we like. We can’t wait for all that is to come.

Photos more your thing? Follow along on Instagram instead!

In the meantime, enjoy our current favorite chocolate making jam. Who is ready for Oregon berry season?

April 29th, 2015|