Our friends over at Candy Babel have always been so supportive of all our chocolate forays, and now that we are in full Valentine’s Day production mode, they made a tiny flip video about our Heartbreakers and the song is cracking us up (pun intended, always)! I say this often in these blog posts, but Portland is full of such a true spirit of community and support and we are darn lucky to be here.

In other exciting news, you can now find our chocolate at Foster and Dobbs. We have long been fans of theirs here at Only Child and it is no secret that we have some serious crushes on the cheeses and wines they carry. You’ll find our bars cuddling along side some of Portland’s finest chocolates and while you’re there get yourself a grilled cheese sandwich  (Hint: The Beecher’s Cheddar with mango chutney and hot mustard is too good to be real, but it is real!)

Enjoy the video and today’s kitchen jam courtesy of Candy Babel and Ms. Benatar here